Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Emerald Treasures

Emerald Treasures was created quite accidently. The backdrop was painted for another piece I was working on but when I finished it, I knew it was not the place for the blue jay, I had intended. Still, it was a nice background and it had such wonderful highlights. The piece reminded me of an ocean or lagoon type setting. Having returned from the Atlantic, I had some great pictures of turtles and so I set out to making a shell. The basic shape was made of commercial cotton with fused pieces to emulate the back of a turtle and layered with several layers of high loft batting to give dimension. Hand dyed cheesecloth and scrim along with roving were added to try and create an algae-like appearance and needle felted to the shell. It was cool but needed something more so I began adding glitter, textile paints, gel medium and beads for embellishment. When the large shell was done, I laid it on the background and immediately knew this was the mom and she needed a couple of babies to interact with her! The piece went together in such a hurry, I was amazed. Wish I could always be in that zone!!!! LOL Their heads and appendages were painted and machine stitched in a low relief trapunto style. A painted background shows the water stitched with metallic thread and the coral outlined with trilobal polyester thread and painted with 3 dimensional paint. My goal with design principles in mind was to create a pleasing composition that would draw the viewer in. And so that is how Emerald Treasures evolved. This weekend I went back to the studio to paint another home for my blue jay but still missed the mark. I created a forest scene with a field in the foreground, still not the right home but again, very cool. I think I've just started another series which I will call Evolution as these pieces seem to do just that, evolve!!! Eventually, my blue jay will find his home.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Austin Area Quilt Guild celebrates A Legacy of Quilts Pearls of Wisdom From Our First 30 Years

Austin Area Quilt Guild celebrates A Legacy of Quilts Pearls of Wisdom From Our First 30 Years 2008. The show opened last night. This was my first time entering this venue and I really learned alot. I volunteered on Wednesday for checking and hanging. We finished hanging the quilts at 6 p.m. It was so interesting to see how the show was made ready for the public. I really enjoyed getting to meet so many talented people here in Austin. The show was judged by Cynthia England, Sally Hatfield, De Leclair, Connie Silber and Marilyn Hardy. I was completely surprised to learn that Ruby, Contemplation and The Fertility Goddess were awarded Honorable Mentions! Wow, talk about a windfall! This is the first time, The Fertility Goddess, a double sided quilt was hung such that both sides could be seen. It was such a thrill! My other entry, "Contemplation" really was bothering me before the show so I decided to "fix" the river the day before check in. I think it looks much better!!! This was Ruby's first outing and I am pleased she fared well. The show runs from September 25-28, 2008 at the Crockett Center located at 10601 N. Lamar in Austin, Texas. There are over 400 quilts on exhibit and many wonderful vendors. There is also a Children's Exhibit providing fun activities related to quilting and a Silent Auction where you can purchase both supplies and finished artwork. If you are in the area, please come see the exhibit.