Thursday, August 20, 2009

Landscape Series

These are the first two pieces in my smaller set of landscape series. They are 10X10 fiber art mounted on a 12X12 canvas. The first one is a picture from my own imagination. It reminds me of my own private retreat; somewhere I would like to go to just enjoy nature's beauty. It's almost like a hideaway. I have been stuggling for a name for this piece and as of yet have not found one. Any suggestions would be welcome. The second piece was composed from a picture that a friend took while on vacation. It is reminiscent of a peaceful oasis garden and hence I have named it "The Oasis." Funny how some artwork seem to be born with names while others are harder to convey with titles and more easily expressed with thoughts and images. I would like to put forth a few more additions to this series and see where it takes me. At the moment, I am thinking I like the images born of my own imagination better than those set before me. What do they say? The images concocted from your mind are always better than the images you see before you? I wonder if that is really true.