Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"High Fiber 3Dimensional Flower Garden"

This "High Fiber 3Dimensional Flower Garden" is composed of soft sculpted flower blooms and foliage. I am enthralled by textiles and love their tactile qualities! As a fiber artist, I am constantly looking for different mediums that can be used to add lift and yet be pliable enough to sculpt; others that remain flat but still provide texture. For me, it is the next place my art is taking me. This piece measures 27X28 and is my rendition of a tactile fiber art garden.The backdrop is a hand painted silk/cotton blend and is machine quilted to give a subtle feeling of lighter foliage in the background. The two large fern fronds on the left are painted lutradur and are machine appliqued and embellished with stitch. Tiger Lillies are painted, stitched and soft sculpted to take on a more dimensional appearance. The small ferns on the right are dyed batting and wool. Other leaves consist of heat distressed  lutradur and texturized fibers. Stems are machine wrapped cording. Flowers are all 3 dimensional and rise off the surface anywhere from 2 to 4.5 inches in depth. As is sometimes the case, I am at a loss for a name for this piece. I had hoped to incorporate 3 dimensional, tactile elements though I am not necessarily set on that idea. Any thoughts as to what this piece should be called? I would welcome any suggestions.