Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Calypso: Working In Series

Calypso is Part II of Emerald Treasures Series and measures 19 1/2" X 23." Completed today, on November 24, her shell is made of both commercial and hand dyed/painted fabrics. The shell is needlefelted with hand dyed cheesecloth and wool roving and heavily beaded to similate the jewels of the sea. This piece is painted with both Lumiere and Setacolor paints. The sea coral consists of cheesecloth that is sculpted to resemble the coral found on reefs. Her appendages are allowed to float giving her a more three dimensional appearance. The tortoise shell is also composed of several layers of batting which helps to give the illusion of her dome shaped back. I love making these pieces. They are so playful and fun and they provide a great project at night when I am watching the football games! I currently have about five series (Emerald Treasures, Egyptian Queens, Gray Scale, Abstract and Nature) with which I am engaged and am having a great time adding new artwork to each. Everyday is a new experience!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Beloved Companion

Beloved Companion is Part II of the Egyptian Series. The first piece in this series was Queen of The Nile, a tribute to Cleopatra. This piece celebrates Nefertiri. History tells us that Nefertiri was the Royal Wife of Ramses II. She was married to him when she was only 13 years old and he a mere 15 years of age. At the time, Ramses had not even taken the throne. They were said to have had quite a love life and Ramses even refers to her as the "One for whom the sun shines." After they ascended to the throne, he seems to have taken her on as Co Regent of Egypt. Later, he had a temple built at Abu Simbel and dedicated it to Nefertiri. In fact, many of the ancient artwork depicted during this time shows him to be at eye level with her whereas traditionally, the Queen was always portrayed smaller than the Pharaoh to distinguish His superiority. It is not known when she died but she is said to have had one of the most elaborate tombs in The Valley of The Queens. She is known by many titles including Beautiful Companion and Queen of Upper and Lower Egypt. This piece was completed November 16, 2009 and measures 17 X 25 and is mounted on a 24 X 30 canvas. The background is composed of upholstery fabric that is reminiscent of papyrus. Their skin is made of hand dyed fabric and his clothes consist of silk dupioni and commercial fabrics. Nefertiri's clothes are hand painted with Stewart Gill paints. Their necklaces are gold foiled and painted with setacolor ultramarine blue paint mixed with clear gel medium to impart a jewel like lapis tone. Her headdress is painted with sparkling mica and pigment watercolor paints along with gold foiling. Here, Ramses is pictured offering Nefertiri a Lotus plant which is symbolic of rebirth and renewal. The Egyptian cartouches stamped above are their names, Ramses and Nefertiri. This piece was so much fun to make as I was allowed to just play with new and exciting mediums.