Monday, January 28, 2013

Plantasia: Planting 3 Dimensional Fiber Flowers

Hello, it's been a while since I last blogged but I have been spending long days in the studio planting flowers in anticipation of my first piece of the new year. I am so jazzed about how it turned out! Plantasia measures 39.25" X 28.5"and is perhaps the best of my 3 dimensional pieces to date. The background is a hand dyed cotton that has been silk screened, stamped and painted with acrylics to create three large bushes. The first one with orange flowers (left) is situated next to a lilac bush which has tiny clusters of purple flowers made of wired ribbon.
The large bush on the right is a Tea Rose bush with tiny delicate red roses, again, formed from wired ribbon. The mid ground includes 5 Calla Lilies which were created with various layers of materials and stitched to add definition to the petals. The center stalk consists of beads set on a wire such that they stand up and add even more dimension to the flower.
Below, the Calla Lillies are two Poppies that are made of felt and machine stitched. I love the way the eye follows the red from the Tea Rose bush to the poppies and back. Adjacent to them are three colorful, 3
dimensional flowers in pink and yellow that stem from my own imagination. These flowers are made in two parts and are stitched together to form a playful flower. Finally, in the right corner are three graceful Irises that are heavily stitched and soft sculpted.
Here again, the eye is drawn from the yellow Callas to the centrally located, playful flowers and onto the Irises with their delicate yellow stamens. The tug and pull of color from one diagonal corner to another creating an "X" pattern helps to strengthen the design. The stems of the flowers are machine wrapped cording or dyed batting. Leaves consist of textured cotton or felt as well as hand dyed or painted cloth. Edges are finished with a facing.
These flowers were created for Open Studios at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, this past fall. I have been developing patterns for the above mentioned flowers along with the Tiger Lillies and other flowers found in "Austin tatious" as part of my 3 Dimensional Soft Sculpted Flower Workshop that I teach. Originally, I had intended to place the flowers in a pretty vase made of fabric such that the whole bouquet along with the vase would be free standing and completely 3 dimensional.
And I may at some point revisit that idea but for now, I am happy with the way this piece turned out. I love the play of color and depth that is present. It evokes a very serene feeling and makes me smile when I look at it. I hope that it creates the same happiness for others. Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all a most Happy 2013!!!! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

3D Flowers, Mixed Media Style and Color Your World With Beautiful Fabric

Happy New Year! 2013 is sure to be a fun, creative and prosperous year. So many things going on here in Austin. This month, I have a couple of workshops that I will be teaching, 3Dimensional Flowers, Mixed Media Style and Textiles: Color Your World with Beautiful Fabric. Each is very different and guaranteed to inspire! Learn to dye fabric or add dimension to your work. For more information on my 3D Flowers, Mixed Media Style workshop, please visit or email . For more information on my 6 week textile surface design course, please visit and scroll down to page 16 of the catalogue. To register for this class, please visit . I hope you will have a look and decide to treat yourself to one or maybe both. I look forward to seeing you!