Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunrise Serenade

Sunrise Serenade
 by Barb Forrister
It seems like it has been ages since I last blogged about a new piece that I have completed. I very rarely get to say this but I have been travelling abroad and when I returned home, I broke my left arm. Good thing, it wasn't the right arm as I am right handed! I had been working on a piece for the juried invitational, Rituals, curated by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison. In fact, I took my piece to Israel and worked on it in the evenings at the hotel. I decided to change course, when I happened to come across this very unlikely pair. Sunrise Serenade was inspired by a photo taken at the Haifa Educational Zoo in Israel, this last February. While there, my husband and I stayed at a hotel that happened to be located across from a park. Deep within the park, there was a zoo nestled in the farthest corner, hidden from view. The first morning, we awoke to a rooster crowing, his voice accompanied by an unidentifiable, "caw caw" sound. Later in the trip, I discovered the zoo and these two marvelous creatures within. They were the best of friends and their contrasting colors were quite exquisite next to one another. Each morning, I would hear them  practicing their daily ritual of greeting the new day with their delightful sunrise serenade. Thinking of them, brought a smile to my face and I just knew that I had to create this piece. When I returned home, I began drafting the pattern for this piece. The format required it to be 24"wide X 60" high, a somewhat unusual size. It took three tries but I finally came up with a useable pattern. I transferred my pattern to fabric and began painting the piece. I was able to complete the rooster and the peacock before I fell and broke my arm. The sunrise and meadow had to be painted with one hand as I was in a full cast past the elbow at that point in time. I am so grateful for my two daughters who helped me to heat set and layer the quilt together so that I might attempt to quilt it. I had never broken a bone in my body before and really had no idea if it could be done with one hand but patience and persistence saw it through to the end. My machine broke early on and my good friend, Kharon graciously brought her Janome over for me to use. What a relief! I have always used a Bernina but I found the Janome quite easy and a pleasure to use. Sunrise Serenade was quilted entirely with Highlights, Nature's Colors and Living Colors threadlines by Superior. The batting is Dream Green, a soft, batting made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The paints included Setacolor. Jacquard, DecoArt SoSoft and Stewart Gill. All in all, I am happy with this piece and have resigned myself to accept that the quilting is pretty good for having been quilted with a broken arm. Sometimes, we all have to let go and accept things for what they are! I am hoping this piece gets juried into the invitational, Rituals exhibit. Wish me luck! 


Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Dallas Quilt Celebration

Wow, I was so jazzed to learn that Songbird placed Third in the Art Pictorial category at the 2012 Dallas Quilt Celebration. The exhibit sponsored by the Dallas Quilt Guild took place on March 9-11th at Market Hall in Dallas. Last year, I did not submit any entries but somehow, I had the feeling that this year might be different and it was! So glad I decided to throw my hat in! You know what they say, "The only way to win is to try." I was so tickled to hear the news! The show was judged by Cindy Ericson, Marcia Kaylakie and Connie Silber, three very well known and distinguished judges.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the show. Family always comes first and it was quite a busy weekend! Sometimes, life is just that way!  On Friday morning, a friend posted this photo on my Facebook wall. I am most grateful to her as it made my entire weekend that much more enjoyable. I have been waiting for the winners to be posted and have just learned that she, too won at Dallas though she never mentioned it, sly devil! And so, I would like to congratulate Andrea Brokenshire for placing Third in Master Art Category! Way to go, Girl!  To see more of the winners, please visit .