Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Generation Y: Song of Hope

Generation Y: Song of Hope measures 45.25" X 49.5" and has been in the making for almost a year. The background was inked and painted. The branches are made from various upholstery fabrics and dyed antique lace to impart a rough and rugged barklike texture. The birds were sketched from photos and transferred to fabric. They were then painted with setacolor textile paints, layered with several layers of batting, quilted with a finished backing and tacked onto the branches in such a way that they exhibit a 3Dimensional aspect. The nest was knitted and the young jay is strategically tucked in place to create further depth. The leaves are made from a variety of materials and methods including fused cotton, dyed lutradur, painted light weight fusible interfacing, painted timtex and tyvek, and thread painted free motion embroidery on solvy. Other materials used to create the leaves include fibers, color catcher sheets and textiva. All in all, I think I counted 10 different ways these leaves were made. Someday, I would like to write an article about them. There are approximately 70 leaves in these tree branches. Some of the leaves are completely stitched down to give the illusion of becoming background. Others are tacked down and allowed to float over and on top of the birds giving a canopy effect. I tried to vary both the size and color of the leaves to differentiate the background, midground and foreground. This piece is three dimensional and was a bear to quilt!!!! Edges were pillowcased and some of the leaves float off the edges. This piece was created in response to the current times. The old Burrough Oak tree provides shelter for this family who is preparing to send the next generation into the world. They have seen hardship and are now looking for change, to become stronger as a result of the struggles they have endured. Generation Y pertains to individuals born in the 80s and 90s who are now entering into the work force and it is this generation that is hit the hardest with the current economic struggle. They come often strapped with debt from their education into a world where times are difficult and even the most immediate future seems uncertain. They represent hope for our future and mankind. And so, we sing the song of hope for Generation Y. This post is dedicated to the Festival of the Trees. Please visit .