Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Legacy Quilt Show: Creating Tomorrow's Treasures

Have been awaiting my return shipment from the show when I received a distressing call from Fed Ex saying that the box that it was shipped in got caught in the conveyor belt, ripped the box and damaged my quilt. I am heartbroken as this is the first time my quilts have actually placed in a juried event. The lady from the Fed Ex Damaged Dept was very kind but could not tell me if the quilt could be fixed or not. Still not sure how a conveyor belt can break through a box or how much damage has been done. Will have to wait and assess the damage upon its return. Words cannot describe what I am feeling right now. On the bright side of things, and I always try to see the good in everything, both of my quilts won! "Life's A Beach" received second place and "Emerald Treasures" placed third. Both Caroline Benefield and Jane Rodgers from the quilt show have been extremely apologetic through no fault of their own and very kind and helpful in providing me with information and helping me to process my claim through Fed Ex. Am crossing my fingers that things go well and that I can somehow repair the damage to "Emerald Treasures." Wish me luck!!!


Linda Laird said...

Dear Barb,
So sorry to hear about the damage to your quilt, but congrats on your prizes! My piece, "Jazz Garden 1", was the 1st place winner, much to my surprise! Do you know how many were entered in the field of art quilts?

Best wishes for the turtles' recovery, and good luck in future shows.
Linda Laird
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Barb Forrister said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks, I really am not sure how many were entered. I never got a program sent back with my quilts. No way to tell but to be in touch Jane or Carolyn.

JYA Fiberarts said...

Barb, Congratulations on your prize winning quilts! I love them. I hope you find there was no major damage.