Monday, October 26, 2009

SAQA Portfolio 16

Portfolio 16 is hot off the press and made its debut at The International Quilt Festival in Houston this month. It is an absolutely phenomenal book featuring the works of many artists who are professional members of Studio Art Quilts Association. The organization is international and sponsors fiber exhibits throughout the world. This year, I have a piece titled "Life's A Beach" in Portfolio 16. The book is published once a year with new works from its members. It is used as a marketing tool for approaching galleries and museums with samples of our work. The board has decided that next year we will be going digital and using a CD rather than a book format consequently this year marks the last of the Portfolio books. They are such a treasure. I will miss seeing them. I suppose for me, there's something about the look and feel of a book as opposed to spending more time in front of screens viewing art. Some things are just not the same on screen as they are in "hands" under more leisurely conditions. What do you think? Do you prefer looking at a book or looking at images on screens?

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Anonymous said...

I definitely prefer the books. For me, computers and software are tools to be used to get a job done more efficiently. I covet books.

Congratulations on Portfolio 16!