Monday, May 24, 2010

Key Largo (Emerald Treasures IV)

Key Largo, The Diving Capital of the World is the largest living coral reef barrier in the United States. It contains more than 55 types of coral and is home to a large variety of marine life. Inspired by the many Emerald Treasures surrounding the island, Key Largo represents a personal challenge to use "old" materials to create something completely different from what they were originally intended. The backdrop is an upcycled damask napkin that was painted with acrylics. The turtle itself was also painted on damask napkins. The shell is painted with both acrylic and gel medium, appliqued with dyed lace and PVC vinyl, needle felted with wool roving and embellished with beads and trinkets. The fins and tail feature painted, heat distressed cellophane and textiva. The sea floor is composed of dyed lace, trims, bullion, doilies and painted, heat distressed tyvek that is soft sculpted to resemble a variety of coral and sea anenomes. A closer look at the floor reveals five glass beaded fish. This piece is hand and machine appliqued, machine quilted with metallic and trilobal polyester thread. Edges are finished with a facing. Key Largo is part IV of Emerald Treasures series with another one on the way. Since the April 20th oil spill, millions of gallons of oil have leaked into the Gulf of Mexico, further compromising these deep sea treasures.

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I'm afraid we're never going to recover (in our lifetime) from the oil spill. It breaks my heart.