Friday, September 10, 2010

Miniature Nature Series: Finding Your Feet and Tranquility

These two pieces were composed specifically for Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative and Studio Art Quilt Associates Texas @ Houston 2010. Both are 9X12 and portray birds in nature. The top two photos, "Finding Your Feet," show a robin that has just landed on a branch. The next two photos show a finch or warbler of some sort. For this piece, I did a mirror image of the first bird and inked it in different colors. Standing him at a different angle made him appear quite differently, a dash of serendipity. What do they say, how to kill two birds with one stone. Time was running out and these needed to be done very quickly. Because I wanted these two pieces to look different from one another despite the fact that I had used the same sketch for both, albeit in mirror image, I decided to place them in very different settings. Finding Your Feet appears to be set in the summer while Tranquility is reminiscent of fall. Both have a very different feel and I was especially pleased when I pointed out to my husband that they were the same bird, just with different colors, in mirror image and set at different angles in completely different settings. While I am still not sure he believes me, it is true nonetheless. I would have loved to have taken the same bird and made the remaining two spring and winter seasons. Wonder what that would have looked like... Perhaps I will start out all over again with a different sketch and revisit this concept. Now, the only question is which piece goes to which venue? What do you think?

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