Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eye of the Quilter

Eye of The Quilter is a reflection on words and images. These three photos were selected in a special exhibit to be shown at The International Quilt Festival in November 2010. They reflect inspiration gathered from photos. The top photo, White Ibis was taken at Hilton Head in South Carolina and tells a story. The white ibis as a species is becoming increasingly endangered by humankind. Our desire to take over their habitat continues to displace them. This photo is a reflection of the time and signals that change is imminent. The second photo, Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas is one of the most beautiful places in Central Texas. Spectacular by day, it is even more stunning at night. Amidst the reflection of the water lies a story rich in culture and history. For centuries, people have gathered here and history has been made. The third photo, Glass Menagerie was taken in Round Top, Texas and refers to dreams that are held within the jeweled glass. As we look into the bevelled surface, we can't help getting lost in it's beauty. Our mind reflects on times past and dreams of the future. I am thrilled that these three pieces were chosen to be a part of this special exhibit and look forward to seeing the exhibit in its entirety. I am always amazed at where artists get their inspiration. If you have a chance, please stop by and visit the exhibit at The George Brown Convention Center on November 3-7, 2010.


Diana Ramirez said...

It always amazes how an artist in one medium can be so accomplished in another. Beautiful photos! Have fun in Houston. Already wishing I was there.

Barb Forrister said...

Thanks, Dee. We will miss you! But you know, there's always room if you change your mind!!!