Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Giving Tree: Unifying Color and Design

The Giving Tree (Full View)
The Giving Tree or perhaps more appropriately named Friendship Tree measures 37 X17 and was inspired from a week long workshop I took with Hollis Chatellain. We each did 33 compositions in 2.5 days. This is my 34th composition which I began in class. For this piece, I chose to work in a mosaic abstract style. Knowing my propensity to work in verical format, I was urged to stretch myself and opt for a horizontal format instead. It has been said that I

The Giving Tree (Detail View)
love details and so this piece focusses on simplicity. Although slightly less comfortable than what I am used to, it was good way to break habits and start fresh. This lesson on unifying color and design began as a way of communicating a theme that I feel strongly about. Nature is a very big part of my work and what better way to share it then to create my very own Tree of Life. It is named The Giving Tree because aside from the background, it was made from pieces of cloth from each of the students. I really enjoyed the idea of recycling and also bringing home a little part of each of these women that I have over the years grown to love and respect. This is the San Antonio Master Class and we are currently in our sixth year of studies. Our group encompasses artists from all around the United States including Wisconsin, Montana, Hawaii, Colorado and many more.  Most importantly, we have all suffered, er  I mean struggled together, rejoiced in each other's accomplishments and always have supported one another. I am blessed to be a part of this group of dynamic artists. This post is dedicated to the Festival of the Trees. Please visit .


Suzi Smith said...

Barb, your work is amazing... saw your comment at Jasmines, so skipped across!

Barb Forrister said...

Suzi, thank you for your kind words and stopping by. They are very much appreciated!