Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome to My Garden

Welcome to My Garden  has just returned home from travelling. I really enjoy seeing it again. It has been gone such a long time and I had forgotten the happiness it invokes when I look at it. I love the sheen from the tsukineko inks on the silk/cotton blend. It is so vibrant. Love that combination. This piece has text along the veins of the leaves. I had forgotten what all was written on it and am musing over the words and feelings that I felt when it was being made. The text on the leaves of the plant to the right read "Welcome to My Garden" in many languages including French, German, Italian, Swahili, Spanish, Norwegian and many more. It reaches out to people from all around the world through text and beckons visitors to enter the garden and gather inspirational phrases like they would flowers. Here, many things have been planted and cultivated ranging from flowers, vegetables, teas, herbs to dreams for the future. These seedlings brought to full fruition are captured by phrases found on the leaves of the plant to the left. They include messages about special times experienced with friends and family, secrets whispered, conversations held and intimate moments from long, long ago. It is so tranquil that it seems to invite the recollection of the last time I walked through the garden, hand in hand with my lover or shared a cup of tea with my best friend. My sister is very ill right now and so this piece speaks to me even more loudly than before. I have decided to dedicate it to her in hopes that we might return to share more cherished conversations. For you, Ardis, please get better so that we may walk in the garden once more. I love you!