Monday, July 30, 2012

3 Dimensional Fiber Art: A Taste of Italy

Thought I might share a piece in progress. I don't normally post until a piece is complete but this one is kind of growing on me. It is a 3 Dimensional Cafe with a private residence in the back. It kind of has that old world feel. The house is made of quilted fabric. Here again, I chose to use ethofoam because it is durable and will not crack like styrofoam. I attached a flower box at the top and tacked the vines at various places such that
they are allowed to drape over the edge. There is a side wall that allows for smaller clay pots to rest. The clay pots have flowers made of painted seashells. Down below, I have created a larger flower pot with shrubs. To the left is a large flower pot with foliage and flowers. The photo on the right shows a view from the side. The back of the cafe provides a private entrance to a small but somewhat extravagant home. I have added a trinket on the left side of the back door as a wall sconce. As I mentioned earlier, this piece is still in progress and I hope to add a small tree in the back.  
I would like to string lights throughout the tree and the whole entire piece both front and back to add an element of surprise. I think it might look pretty cool as a nightlight for a little girl's room.  Funny as this is so different from anything else I have created. I had originally planned to make a house but somehow this piece has evolved into what you see here. It is almost as if it had a mind of  it's own and guided my hands to its making. Some pieces, I suppose are just meant to be born. Thank you for stopping by. Please leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you! 


Sue said...

I love this, Barb! I would like to walk by with my little dog and stop for a coffee to people watch. :) well done! Sukie

Barb Forrister said...

Thanks, Suki. You're a sweetheart! I'd love to join you for that coffee!