Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop

Hello, welcome to the Studio Blog Hop. This is my quilting studio. My sewing cabinet was lovingly made by my father. It is made of oak and has three leaf extensions, three large drawers and a drop in sewing table. My fabric is stored in the large china cabinet shown in the far left corner of the room. On top of the 
china cabinet are bolts of fabric and an embroidery machine. To the right of the china cabinet is my ironing surface and underneathe is my thread cabinet that has seven drawers. I also have a cabinet with sliding glass doors where I keep books and magazines. On top is a wooden bin with six compartments  

for storing beads, buttons and other found objects. I also have an old treadle sewing machine which I use to hold my felting machine. In addition to my quilting studio, I have a painting studio. Here, I have an easel table for drawing and painting. My paints and mixed media supplies are stored in the  
colorful ten drawer carts. The large clear drawers on wheels house my stamps, stencils, heat gun, foils, etc... The leaf table provides a great area for working on projects. I absolutely love my paint rack that I purchased at a garage sale for only a dollar. What a bargain! I like to keep my color wheels on the   
my easel. There are two sets, one done on black fabric with opaque paints and the other done on white fabric with transparent paints. They are wonderful references, especially for mixing colors. I have also acquired some book shelves but they are not pictured here. I would love to get that set up but life has 
been kind of crazy lately. The large stacks of plastic cubes have 2 inch squares of fabric and are all sorted by color. They are fantastic eye candy and I hope to do something with them at some point. There is also a bathroom and a large closet off of this studio that provide easy access to water and additional storage. My family tease me that I have taken over the house but hey, I am the one that spends the most time here! So why not? Right? I hope you have enjoyed the tour. Thank you for stopping by. Please be sure to visit Amy Wright Weaver
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