Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello, I am finally back again and beginning to blog. Sorry for the hiatus but I have been busy this month preparing for family events. This morning, I have just  
received word that Shangrila, my 3 dimensional triptych has been chosen for part of the In Full Bloom special exhibit at the International Quilt Festival that will make it's debut late October of this year in Houston, Texas. Wow, what an honor! I am so tickled to hear the news! This piece measures 85"X29" and is set on a hand painted background that has been silk screened and stencilled. The 3 dimensional flowers include wildflowers, calla lilies, poppies, irises, tiger lilies, tulips, lilacs and tea
roses. The center stalk of the calla lilies consist of beads set on a wire such that they stand up and add even more dimension to the flower. Large callas peek out from the 3 dimensional leaves that are created in a variety of ways while scrumptious yarns represent the stems. Nearby, bright red poppies add a cheerful inviting view. The scarlet poppies were stitched to add definition and assembled before appliqueing them onto the quilt. I love the way the saturated red is set on it's complementary background shades of green ranging from light to dark. Here the leaves are created with painted lutradur that has been stitched and embellished. 
The irises were considerably more involved and were soft sculpted to mimic that found in nature. The stems are composed of dyed batting and the stalk like leaves were individually created and attached such that they extend off the quilt and cross over one another creating more depth to the flowers.
I really enjoyed creating the irises and would like to revisit this idea in yellow, white and hybrid colors. I think they would make a quite stunning arrangement! I love the way the inner petals bend in towards the center while the outer petals gently roll and curl out towards the stems. These flowers extend about 3-4 inches off the surface. Yet another of my favorite flowers are the large tiger lilies that have been painted, stitched and soft sculpted to add more warmth to the overall piece. Here again, I would love to create more of these flowers varying the colors and creating a pleasing hybrid floral arrangement.  
Accompanying these flowers are yellow tulips to coordinate with the yellow calla lilies and draw the eye from one place to another. In fact, color has been deliberately placed such that it allows the eye to travel from one place to another. This triptych is currently hanging in my living room and while I am thrilled that it will travel, I must admit I will be sad to see it go. Guess I had better get started on planting another garden. It is summertime, after all and what better way to bring in the season than to begin planting seeds! If you are interested in taking a workshop to plant your own 3 dimensional garden, I invite you to check out . Next week, I will be posting a brand new never before seen quilt that has been accepted into Tactile Architecture. How fun! Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you all a happy and creative summer!

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