Friday, January 22, 2010

Sir William

Sir William completed on January 22, 2010 is the first piece in Part III of my Nature Series. Here the focus is on texture and individual types of birds. This little guy started out as a Williamson Sapsucker but after my creative licensing, looks more like a warbler of some sort. The background was painted in an abstract manner with acrylics and 3 Dimensional paints. Branches were raw edge appliqued and leaves of various types were added. Some are machine embroidered; others are composed of painted lutradur, dyed batting and fiber etched leaves. Sir William was made from snippets of fabric to give a feathery appearance. For some, it jars the mind to have placed a representational image on an abstract background but I really like juxtaposing the one on top of the other. Gives it a different feeling altogether. What do you think?


Jasmine said...

This is absolutely stunning. i love all of the emroidery. i really should learn how to use my sewing machine!

Ruthie Powers said...

I will have to say that I gasped at the beauty of this piece when I clicked on the image and it enlarged to show the detail. It is lovely.

Diana Ramirez said...

Beautiful details, Barb. I love Sir William.