Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Transferring Fiber Art to Canvas

Little Rascals by Barb Forrister Full Image on Canvas
Have you ever wanted to make prints of your artwork? The concept is intriguing.  I enjoy collecting art. It is aesthetically pleasing and makes me happy. However, good artwork can be costly. At least for me, I find that some beautiful works of art are just not in my budget, no matter how much I love them! Yes, I suppose if I had all the money in the world, it would not be an issue but unfortunately, that is not the case. And yet, I wonder how many other folks feel the same way. Would they be willing to purchase a print at a lower cost than the original?  At least that way, they would be able to take a piece home that they love without putting too much strain on the pocketbook. For this reason, I have been contemplating the idea of transferring some of my artwork to canvas prints. I recently saw a piece by a local artist here in Austin. The quality was quite good! I had never tried this before and was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted by to review their product using one of my own art images. I found their website quite easy to navigate and they offered a nice selection of services. You can choose prints in a large variety of sizes either in a 0.75" or 1.5" gallery wrap. Images can be converted to sepia or black and white, if so desired. They also offer minor and major retouching of photographs. For the borders, you can opt for a wrapped or mirror image or alternatively for a solid colored border. So many options and all at a very affordable price! They are currently offering a promotion with 25% off all orders and free shipping within the United States. Such a deal! I think I will try ordering some more prints and see where this takes me. I am hoping that perhaps in doing so, I will be able to appeal to a larger audience and therefore, be able to share more of my artwork with others. I love this concept!
Little Rascals by Barb Forrister Detail Image on Canvas


Suzi Smith said...

Do it!!!
Have seen loads of artists on etsy selling prints as well as originals. Like you say, not everyone can stretch to the price of the orig, but would like your work... & don't reckon it affects other sales cos those that want/can afford will still buy.

Love your little rascals!

Barb Forrister said...

Haven't ever tried etsy but perhaps that might be the way to go. Thanks, Suzi!