Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mexican Scrub Jay

Happy New Year! I am so happy to be blogging again! I am back making art again. This piece shows a photo that I took while staying at a friend's home in San Antonio, Texas. I love this picture and somehow I knew I had to incorporate this Mexican Scrub Jay in my art. He's a beauty for sure. The photo was printed on textured paper that was coated with Golden Digital Grounds Media to allow the full color to shine through. The background is handmade paper that I made years ago and at the time had no idea how I would use it. Bits of paper were torn and mixed with glue. I thought it might be fun to include some threads, Angelina fibers and even heat distressed painted plastics before setting the paper in the mold. Once the paper was formed, I painted it with acrylic paint. And there it sat in the studio for a few years before I finally paired the two together. They were treated with a semi gloss surface protectant and adhered together with acrylic medium. I really like the way they came together. It is as if they were made for each other and the background is simply an extension of the photo. Great way to bring in the New Year!      

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