Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quilting Arts 3 Dimensional Art Quilting

Earlier this month, Kathy York contacted me to let me know that Quilting Arts would be featuring our Artist Village in the February/March 2012 issue. I was so thrilled! The news came when I was feeling blue and needed a little pick me up. Nothing like that to chase the blues away! Meanwhile, I have been planning a trip to Israel and anxiously awaiting my copy in the mail. Checking the mail everyday is a little like watching a pot boil. And still, I hoped to get my copy before I left. Finally, after the mail came today and still no magazine, I went and bought the issue at Barnes and Noble. At last, I could see it! Wow, I am so jazzed. Kathy did a fantastic job at bringing this project to fruition.  The article is wonderful and describes how to make a 3 dimensional house. This month's Quilting Arts issue features 3 Dimensional Art Quilting and is a special Art Quilt Collaboration issue. The Space Between by Dinner at Eight Artists is also represented and I am so excited to see my friends, Susan King and Linda Teddlie Minton mentioned. They are marvelous artists and I am happy Dinner At Eight Artists were represented well! I also really enjoyed Jane Davila's article, "Artistic License: Licensing Your Art to Maximize Your Time." So much wonderful information! To order your copy of Quilting Arts, please visit .    

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